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2019 Summer Camp Registration

Welcome to Follow the Child! Nature is our classroom. 

Payment Options

  1. Mail payment by check within 5 business days to: Follow The Child, LLC 800 Polhemus Rd. #23, San Mateo, CA 94402

  2. Online through PayPal (send to Submit payment within 5 business days to finalize registration.

2019 Summer Camp Pricing

$495 per session

Take $25 dollars off per session for sibling discounts and multiple sessions.  

Refund Policy

Full refunds offered 21 days before the start of camp. 


Student Expectations

Our explorers are expected to be courteous, kind, and positive. We do not throw rocks at each other, and keep our hands away from each other as we drive. If we need to express our feelings, we use I messages. A deep respect for nature means that we will leave vegetation, rocks, and shells from all State Parks where we find them. Our rule about blackberries is simple. If you find them, and they are ripe and juicy, eat a few and share even more with everybody around you. If you have questions, ask a fellow explorer before you ask the guides.